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The spirit of this blog is that it becomes a dynamic source of information for those new to Translation and Interpretation. Whether you are searching for information to make a career change, about to graduate from a T&I program, or interested in becoming a freelance linguist, our goal is to offer practical tips for learning the ropes in this field.

The Savvy Newcomer is a unique blend of posts that draw from the experiences of seasoned professionals, driven by often unasked questions from newcomers.

For this reason, the content of this blog is for information purposes only. It expresses the views and opinions of the authors, and not necessarily those of the American Translators Association.

This blog can only thrive if you comment, so we welcome your opinions and suggestions. However, please keep in mind that our job as authors and moderators is to ensure all translators and interpreters play nicely with each other, so we reserve the right to delete any comment deemed inappropriate or for any reason whatsoever, including anonymous comments.


If you’re interested in reblogging one of our awesome posts, please read the tips below, as taken from The Savvy Translation Blogger—Blogging Frequency, Blog Content, and Reblogs:

What is proper reposting etiquette for blogs?

Reblogging is when you publish content that was originally published in another medium, like a blog or magazine. Say you find an interesting article in a magazine or read an awesome post on a blog. The first thing we recommend you do is check online for that specific article. If it appears on more than 2-3 blogs/websites, it may not be a very good idea to reshare it on your blog, because most of your readers may have already read it. We recommend just sharing a link to the article on social media instead.

Example: A great article was published in the ATA Chronicle. Then, the ATA published it on their website (Featured Articles section). Then, the original author also published it on their blog.

If it hasn’t been recycled several times, then the next step is to contact the original author (and the blog author if it’s a different person, or the magazine editor) to ask for their permission to reblog their article (including the images, if any). If the article is already a reblog, you only need to ask the original author.

In your request email, don’t forget to introduce yourself, say what you liked about the article and why you want to republish it on your blog (e.g. my blog readers will find the tips useful), ask for the author’s short bio (if it’s not available in the same place where you read the original article) and mention that you will add a line in the reblog saying where the original article was first published.

If you want to republish posts you penned for other blogs on your own blog, you don’t need to ask anyone, but it’s good etiquette to wait for a few weeks (some magazines have specific guidelines about this, make sure to read the fine print) before you publish the article on your blog and also add a line (beginning or end of post) saying “This was originally published on…”.


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  1. Hello,

    Since more and more individuals are working remotely during the pandemic, I thought I’d write up a helpful article on remote work wellness. The piece will include tips and ideas on fitness, nutrition, and self-care.

    I think this article would fit nicely on your website! Would you please consider publishing it? If you’re interested, I’ll write it up ASAP.

    Thank you in advance!
    Cheryl Conklin

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