Post Guidelines

The Savvy Newcomer welcomes guest posts from a variety of authors, and we are always looking for fresh, interesting content that is relevant to our readers. Here are some guidelines intended to let guest authors know what we are looking for:

  • Audience: Our target audience is newcomers to the profession or to the ATA. Many of these people will be students. The main focus of each post on our blog is the newbies! If your post does not fit the other guidelines on this page but does provide instruction, wisdom, or advice on a topic that is relevant to newbies, we want to hear from you!
  • Length and organization: We strive to keep blog posts short, as close to 900 words as possible. We want to strike a balance between a quick thought and an academic thesis. Along these same lines, we realize that the average online attention span is short; we encourage the use of bulleted or numbered lists, if applicable to the post. We recommend that you cover no more than three main points in your article.
  • Bio: Each author should include a short bio with their post (no more than 100 words). You may also include a link to your website and any other contact information you wish to share. We follow these descriptions when referencing qualifications and will check author bios against these definitions.
  • Content: The content of the article is up to you, but keep in mind that we seek to serve both translators and interpreters, so there should be a balance of articles of interest to both areas.
  • Submission deadline: We publish on the blog every Tuesday, and publication dates are on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you send your article at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled publication date so that a member of the blog team can edit your post and discuss any revisions with you.
  • Disclaimer: The decision of what articles to post on The Savvy Newcomer blog is at the sole discretion of the blog team. We will be in contact with each author to let you know of any questions or concerns we may have.
  • Editing: As a service to our guest writers and to our audience, our editing team will thoroughly go through each article submitted and provide suggested changes where applicable. Our edits serve multiple purposes:
    • Adapting the article to the other guidelines above
    • Adapting the article to our Style Guide for The Savvy Newcomer (which is partially based on the Chicago Manual of Style)
    • Any other suggested improvements to help give our readers the best reading experience possible and help our guest authors shine
  • Non-publication: Guest authors will receive a marked up version from the editing team and have the option of accepting or rejecting changes and discussing anything that is unclear with the editing team. We will not publish a version that the author has not agreed to. However, we will not publish an article that we do not agree to, either. Therefore, The Savvy Newcomer reserves the right to withhold any articles from publication at its discretion, especially in the case of posts that fail to meet our guidelines.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about contributing an article, please email atasavvynewcomer [at] atanet [dot org]. For more specific instructions on how to write for The Savvy Newcomer, check out our Style Guide.