We have compiled a list of helpful resources for new and seasoned professionals alike. Please keep in mind this list does not follow any particular order of precedence. We are always open to new ideas and on the lookout for awesome information, so if you happen to know of a great resource that should be included here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Journals-Newsletters-Style guides
Translation Journal (General publication about translation)
Style guide for translations into Spanish (PDF Spanish style guide by Helen Eby)
Online Stylebooks (List of links to a number of style guides available online) (Copyediting newsletter and blog)
5 Steps to Plain Language

The Toolbox Newsletter (Monthly journal about translation technology)

Macros for Editing Documents (Edit Tools)
PerfectIt (Proofreading software)

IATE Terminology Database
Microsoft Language Portal
3000+ Translation Glossaries
OneLook (Aggregate online dictionary search tool)
CIA World Factbook

Business School for Translators
List of ATA-approved Translation and Interpreting Schools
ATA Business Practices Education Committee
College Programs for Court and Legal Interpreters and Translators
IMIA Training Directory (Directory of training opportunities for medical interpreters)
CCHI’s National Training Provider Registry (Directory of training opportunities for medical interpreters)
American Translators Association (ATA) Member-to-Member Discounts Program (List of courses and vendors offering discounts to ATA members)

Resources developed by ATA’s Certification Committee
The following resources were designed for the ATA certification exam but are useful for all translators to review the quality of their translations:
Framework for standardized error marking of translations
Flowchart for error point decisions (PDF)
ATA Style Guide for Translation Exams (Into-English Grading Standards)
ATA Certification Exam Overview
ATA Certification Registration form
Resource List for ATA Computerized Exam

Advocacy resources (ATA response to Department of Homeland Security’s request for comments on its Language Access Plans – Nov. 2014)
This document may be helpful to interpreters and translators as they look for ways to explain the translation and interpreting credentials and other quality issues to their clients and as they look for ways to boost their own professional profiles.

ATA Division Sites
Arabic Language Division
Chinese Language Division Blog 
French Language Division
German Language Division
Interpreting Division
Italian Language Division
Japanese Language Division
Korean Language Division
Language Technology Division
Literary Division
Medical Division
Nordic Division
Portuguese Language Division
Science and Technology Division
Slavic Languages Division
Spanish Language Division
Translation Company Division

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