Savvy Newcomer posts for students and graduates of translation/interpreting

Transitioning from Student to Freelance Translator
How to make the most of your last year at university? 7 essential steps for translation students
Interpreting 101: An Interview with Student Interpreters
New Directory of Translation/Interpreting Studies

Mental Health in Freelance Translation: Imposter Syndrome
Advice for Beginners: Specialization
How to Identify and Avoid Translation Scammers
11 tips for new freelance translators on the hunt for their first assignments
The Top Three Things I Wish Somebody Told Me When I First Started As a Freelance Translator

Savvy Newcomer series

A Day in the Life: Posts about what it’s like to attend various translation and interpreting training programs
So you want to be a Freelance Translator or Interpreter: A five-part series on getting started as a freelancer
Pursuing the Translation Dream: A five-part series inspired by ATA’s self-evaluation questionnaire for translators


Top 5 ATA webinars for newbies in translation and interpreting:

  1. Specialization: why and how, and what’s the big deal?
  2. Translation Contracts: Beyond the Basics
  3. What Is Audiovisual Translation?
  4. Building Entrepreneurial Skills for Interpreters and Translators
  5. Why Can’t I Raise My Rates?

FREE ATA webinars for students and beginners in translation and interpreting:

  1. Spreading Your Wings: Transitioning from Classroom to Career
  2. Don’t Fall for It: Scams Targeting Language Professionals

ATA programs

ATA Mentoring Program (opportunities for mid- and late-career translators and interpreters; free to members)
ATA student member discount
Student translation award (financial award and money towards ATA conference)
AFTI scholarship
ATA Divisions (language and specialization interest groups, free to members)
ATA Chapters and Affiliates (local communities of translators and interpreters across the U.S.)

Additional Resources

5 Steps to Plain Language
ATA Certification Exam Overview


Macros for Editing Documents (Edit Tools)
PerfectIt (Proofreading software)

Glossaries, Terminology & Research

IATE Terminology Database
3000+ Translation Glossaries
OneLook (Aggregate online dictionary search tool)
CIA World Factbook

Education & Courses

GALA Education and Training Directory
ATA List of Translation and Interpreting Schools / ATA Institutional Members
College Programs for Court and Legal Interpreters and Translators
IMIA Training Directory (Directory of training opportunities for medical interpreters)
CCHI’s National Training Provider Registry (Directory of training opportunities for medical interpreters)
American Translators Association (ATA) Member-to-Member Discounts Program (List of courses and vendors offering discounts to ATA members)

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